My fridge is stuck to the ground and I cannot move it

I think there being a growth from some vegetables I be purchasing a while ago - can I disolves the adhesion?

I would strongly recommend ‘pine o clean’ or perhaps anything from your local department store to help ‘release’ the adhesion as you put it.

i probably need an angle grinder to cut it away and let it be a free fridge! if it is a free fridge then it is not stucks anymores!!!

Eucalyptus oil is extremely good at dissolving glue and other residue. You could try a diluted mix of oil and warm water.

Having said that; if you think vegetables have grown and caused your fridge to stick to the ground I’d assume it’s rusted through and you may need a new fridge (and a new veggie rotation policy lol)

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I think that is sound advice @NickB