What is a good car like an R33 Skyline to get?


Looking for something with decent power but also a bit of comfort - any suggestions folks?


Depends on what is important to you. You could look within the Skyline family, such as an R34 or you could stick with Nissans in general, which I would suggest a 350z or 370z depending on budget.

If you just want something comfortable and fast I would strongly suggest a European built car, something like an Audi RS4 or BMW M5 might be much more appealing. Both have incredible power and a lot of comfort!

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Awesome thank you so much @NickB I might look into the M5’s now as I think they’re a V10 like the M6’s but have a bit more room and comfort!


Skylines don’t have any creature comforts, its really sporty but not the sporty we think of when looking at Lamborghini or Ferrari. Rough. I agree with NickB regarding an European make. Keep in mind expenses.

I have a 2018 Audi and recently taken it to get serviced at Zagame Melbourne CBD and the bill was almost $900.

As mentioned in NickB’s post a 350/370Z nissan peak into the world with having a few creature comforts and i would label those as entry level luxury sport cars considering trim levels they come with!

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